RSA Animate: the Divided Brain

TED talk based on talk at the RSA


The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World

Original RSA talk on which RSA Animate is based


What happened to the soul?

Further RSA talk


Things are not what they seem

Schumacher College address


Anyone with half a brain can see that

TEDX talk at Ghent


Interview with Iain McNay


Can brain science cast light on cultural history?

Lecture at Persons and their Brains conference, Oxford


Minding design

Architecture and neuroscience at the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, AZ


Age of wonder

Lecture at the NatLab Foundation, Eindhoven


The philosophy of neuroscience – mazes of the mind

With Bryan Appleyard and Colin Blakemore at the Institute of Art and Ideas


Soul searching

Three excerpts from David Malone’s 2-part exploration of neuroscience, mathematics, physics and the contemplative life


The courage to think differently

Talk at Ci2012 conference


Interview at Ci2012


The path to wisdom; and Depression and the depths of hell

Two brief interviews while delivering the Laing Lectures, Vancouver


Our minds at war

Lecture on depression delivered at Toronto under the aegis of the Literary Review of Canada


Secrets of the mind: can science explain consciousness

Debate at Institute of Art and Ideas with Roger Penrose and Nicholas Humphrey